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Harris Modular Plant Components

Complete Packaged Systems, Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels and Tanks
l Auxiliary Equipment packages to work with 
       API tanks and ASME vessels
l Process Towers and skids including 
       equipment, pumps, interconnecting and
       interfacing piping, instrumentation, control
       and power wiring with single point 
       connections, platforms, ladders on a
       a transportable structure for field errection
l Prefabricated pipe racks for joining modules
       to field equipment
l Stand-alone process skids or modules to  
       complete your process requirement

Custom Design and Fabrication:
Harris Thermal will design custom packages and fabricate units to your specifications. Our engineering staff employs the latest in CAD technology to provide a complete solution to include:

l Structures
l Equipment and vessels

l Interface piping, instrumentation and control, 
       and single point power connection
l Modules can be pre-piped and tested to
       reduce field installation costs

Advantages of Modular Construction:

l Lower cost risk than field construction
l Shorter project schedule
l Single source responsibility of the process unit
l Minimal plant site interruption
l Reduced safety risk
l Construction proceeds off site. No weather
       impact or waiting for permits

Harris Prototypes

Harris has developed and constructed testing prototypes for Nuclear, Power, Waste Recovery, and Food Processing industries including several integrated scale test facilities for the next generation of nuclear power and research reactors. Harris engineers work closely with our customers to provide a system that will safely improve the production of their product.